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When You Think Ancillary, Think IBSi

About IBSi


One stop access to multiple insurers.

When carriers compete for your business, you and your group client wins!



We are experts in plan selection, tailoring the right product/carrier combination bases on each group's individual needs.

This saves you time and increases your closing ratio!



As a major production source for our core partners, we can proactively negotiate the most competitive rates possible.

Who We Are


IBSi is responsible for generating millions of premium dollars each year for our core insurers. This leverage has earned us a reputable spot within the marketplace. We have built lasting and beneficial relationships to assist in negotiating on your behalf.


We know our market and which carrier is best suited to fit your group’s demographics and needs. To move a group from one carrier to another can be costly, as well as cause you as the broker, additional work for the same compensation. To help avoid this added expense, IBSi works diligently on your behalf to challenge renewal offers. Our process ensures your client will receive the best price for their benefit package. We have a proven track record of negotiating renewals down from the original increase presented.


When it comes to client service, our goal is to assist in managing the relationship with the insurer for you. We are committed to making sure your client is satisfied with not only the products purchased, but the service needed. Should an issue arise that cannot be routinely handled by you or your client, we are here to intercede on your behalf. At IBSi, our priority is YOU and your relationship with your client.


 IBSi is staffed with friendly, knowledgeable and experienced personnel. With an average of over 50 years in the industry, IBSi's eminently qualified staff has gained its experience in the home offices of insurance companies, as well as third party administrative firms. As a result, IBSi fully understands how insurers operate. This experience gives agents a tremendous advantage in the marketplace and IBSi an opportunity to provide the best products and leverage needed to negotiate the best rates in the market.



Contact us today and let the knowledgeable, experienced members of the IBSi team work for you!


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