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When You Think Ancillary, Think IBSi

Our Service To You...

One-stop product shopping for all of your group ancillary needs


Calls answered in person - not by an automated attendant


Quick and accurate proposal processing


Detailed product quotes


Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced support staff


Expert sales analysis, product selection and rate negotiations

Why Do Business With IBSI?

IBSi is independent of any single insurer. We work in YOUR interest and in the interest of YOUR group clients.


We are the source of millions of premium dollars for our core insurers. Because of this leverage, and the respect we've earned over the years from our insurers, when an exception is needed by you for your group client, we are almost always able to deliver.


Should an issue arise that cannot be routinely handled by you or your client, we are here to intercede on your behalf.


IBSi knows where to go for the best pricing on each group based on that particular group's characteristics (type of business, group size, employer contribution, etc.). We know which carriers are the most eager for each line of group ancillary coverage.


We know our market and we're constantly updating our competitive intelligence - benefit comparisons, R&C dental allowance comparisons, renewal pricing studies, value added studies, etc.


To move a group from one carrier to another costs you money - you incur additional work for the same compensation. To help alleviate this expense, IBSi challenges carriers' renewal offers. We have been successfull in persuading carriers to back off renewal rate increases.

Contact us today and let the knowledgeable, experienced members of the IBSi team work for you!


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